Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dungeon Diving 3

Ahh so much has progressed! There's now a fully functional combat system in place for both the player and the enemies (sorry for the lack of interesting skills!). I programmed in a 'rage' bar, which will be the resource management system used by the warrior-type class where the resources build up from standard attacks and you can unleash them on your enemies later on.

I added the ability for the game to create "hallways" to spice it up a bit. They still function as rooms, but with a wall knocked out. One day I want to get better decor randomization in place, but that's not really that important I think. One thing I WOULD like is for the system to be able to create corridors, rooms 3 long and straight that branch off. Dungeon generation is actually the coolest part of the system so far, I generate the blueprints for a room and then I throw it into a factory function that chugs out the room and then I drop it into place.

I also have a working back-end for an inventory system with the ability to specify items as stackable (although the user interface isn't implemented yet, so you can't see anything).

Finally, there's a dialogue system! So now you can see what was really in that chest you just opened. Completely dynamic on my part, I specify the picture and the text and the system takes care of the rest.

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