Friday, November 22, 2013

Dungeon Diving 7

Here's a comparison of my the possible views:

Topleft: "expanded" room
Topright: normal room
Bottomleft: "expanded" room, more top-down view
Bottomright: normal room, more top-down view

Taking opinions on what looks the best. The rooms will eventually be decorated more...



  1. In terms of aesthetics the Bottomright view looks the best abd would probably make mobile controls easier to navigate. As for the "expanded" rooms I still like the idea mostly as it would allow much bigger or multiple enemies to be faced so a dungeon wouldn't need to get ridiculously big for a difficulty increase.

    One thing I did notice with the Latest Build was that there seems to be a lot more hallway type rooms of which I think looks better (Although a lot more torches for whatever reason).

    -Zack F.

  2. Just looking at them now, I like the 4th the best too