Friday, July 12, 2013

Development Tools

Yesterday I successfully put the game on official version control using VisualSVN/tortoiseSVN. Going to buy an external to do a mirror backup soon too so I don't lose my source incase of failure.

More importantly though, I started a trello to track objectives/outstanding bugs/things I want to get to eventually. Right now I was just using an (unsaved) notepad file which was awful. The great thing about this is you can see what I’m working on if that tickles your fancy: Praxis on Trello.

Things are definitely chugging, I hope to have something playable really soon for a few select people (:



  1. Hey John, glad to see you're still chugging along!

    Just wanted to point out that your Trello link is broken - maybe the quotations marks are screwing it up?

    Either way, it's still easy enough to access:

  2. Hey cyber!! Just fixed it, I actually wrote the post in outlook so it used proper quotation marks instead of the normal ". Fixed! Nice catch, hope you enjoy my random ramblings in trello to capture my work chaos ;P